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Relief Sculpture

The bas-relief landscapes speak to the sublime beauty of nature in the time of global warming, and the figural bas-reliefs reflect our fragility in the face of natures power.

Christi Harrington (born March 17, 1974) lived in Italy, while studying abroad at the University of Michigan’s international program.  When she came back to the States, her world was expanded and work inspired by the old masters.  She gained great respect for the traditions of sculpture.  Christi worked at the foundry of the University of Michigan, then as a mold-maker at a private Fine Arts foundry.   After acquiring the technical knowledge involved with creating sculpture, she set out  to work with respected, figurative artists.  This search brought Christi to New York City and the New York Academy of Art.   She earned a Masters of Fine Art in sculpture, and was a sculpture assistant for public commission artists Tom Shannon and Diana Moore.  

Diana Moore then became her mentor, and she assisted in the creation of public sculpture.  Christi aided her in the execution of several public works for Lafayette, Louisiana, Washington D.C., Newark, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She also assisted in the creation of Diana Moore’s private work that was exhibited at Gallery Joe in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Forum Gallery in New York City.  Christi visited the studios of figurative artists Judy Fox, Nancy Spero and Leon Golub, John Bowman, Alexis Rockmen, Mark Tansey, Janie Antonio, Tom Otterness and Robert Taplan who became inspirations for her work.   In the fall of 2000, she arrived in Utica  and co-created the curriculum of the new Fine Arts Program at Mohawk Valley Community College.  Christi Harrington is Professor of Art.  Harrington was on  sabbatical in 2008 and created the artists interview series, "Artcasts". In 2001 Christi executed her first public sculpture entitled, Song  of Innocence, installed in the Commons of Ithaca, New York.  Spring of 2009 brought the unveiling of her second public sculpture, Giving, in Utica, New York.  

Twister          Charcoal on Paper

Extreme Weather

Growing up in Michigan, I was well acquainted with tornadoes.  Drills, warning sirens, and hiding in hallways/basements impacted my childhood.  These memories left deep impressions that find their way into my form vocabulary. 

Terra-cotta and dry pigment

Fragility and Destruction

On residency in Leipzig, Germany, I began to work with the concepts of permanency and fragility.  I made several works based on the Tibetan mandala, like the mandala these works return to the earth.  The clay works deteriorate over time and become the dust that the clay was created from in the beginning.    


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Curriculum Vitae


Christi Harrington

Christi Harrington (born March 17, 1974) is an American sculptor working representationally in clay, resin, and bronze.  Harrington studied at the NYAA and obtained her MFA and her BFA the University of Michigan. The focus of Harrington's work is the sublime beauty of nature in its' extremes due to the earths current climate. The figurative reliefs are modern fossils of the consumer culture. Harrington creates portrait and private commissions nationally.  Christi Harrington has been Professor of Art at MVCC since the Fall of 2001.


Tenured Professor, Sculpture, Department of Art Fall 2000­present Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica, NY Full­time Fine Arts Professor teaching five to six courses a semester. Achievements include the creation of the Fine Arts curriculum­ format for the Associates of Science and the Bachelors of Science, recruitment, studio layout and equipment purchase, syllabi development for the new Fine Arts Program, Chair of two Fine Arts Faculty Searches, Coordinator for Fine Arts Program, Fine Arts Advisor, Study Abroad Instructor to Italy summer 2004 and the College Senate. Key in the establishment of Gallery on Campus and Gallery Committee providing exhibitions, workshops, and lectures. Member of Cultural Committee, providing cultural activities on campus. Chair of Summer Institute, a college wide event providing lectures and workshops by faculty and staff. Refer to final page for details of course descriptions. 



Ann Arbor Art Association    1994­1996 Gallery Assistant­ in charge of sales, installations, and artist selection. The Art Center is the community center for noncredit art classes, local artists and fundraisers.   

Daedalus Fine Art Foundry    1997 Mold-maker and assisted in all aspects of the fine art foundry; armature building, enlargement, mold making, waxwork, traditional investment, ceramic shell, resin casting, bronze pouring, chasing and patina. Specialist in rubber mold­making techniques and bronze chasing.   

Tom Shannon Studio    1998 

Sculpture assistant and in a sculpture collaboration, designed and created a life size female nude to fit the specifications of a sketch by Tom Shannon. Working with the artist, completed the clay figure, mold, and aqua­resin cast. The piece was then featured in Vogue Magazine 11/98 and Art In America Magazine 4/99, the Sculpture was exhibited at Dietch Projects 1/99 in New York City and again at the Whitney Space 6/99 in Connecticut. Featured in Architectural Digest 2/04.   

Diana Moore Studio    1998-­2000 

Full­time Sculpture Assistant for Diana Moore. Completed various projects including a ten times life scale urn, in the form of a head, for the Court House Building in Lafayette, Louisiana, and a scale model of the Head Shelter placed in Newark, New Jersey. Armature building, clay work, wax work and rubber mold making for her private works in preparation for her solo exhibition at The Gallery Joe in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Forum Gallery in New York, NY.


MFA: Sculpture  May 1999 The New York Academy of Art – New York, NY Thesis: The Creation of Masculine and Feminine Thesis Advisors: Harvey Citron and Louis Marinaro   

BFA: Sculpture and Drawing May 1997 University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI   

Study Abroad: Villa Corsi­Salviati  Spring 1996 Sesto Fiorentino - Florence, Italy  

Exhibitions, Awards, Citizenship, and Committees

Utica Love Exhibit, Jorgensen Gallery- Utica, NY 2017

MVCC Faculty Exhibition, Jorgensen Gallery – Utica, NY 2016   

ArtFarm Exhibition IT Lobby, MVCC – Utica, NY  2016   

Summer Institute Showcase, Jorgensen Gallery – Utica, NY 2016   

Curator for Camera Obscura, Sculpture Space – Utica, NY 2016   

Collaborator on Camera Obscura, Metro Center – Utica, NY 2016   

Exhibition: Coincidental Correspondence: Christine Miller   2015   And Christi Harrington at Jorgensen Gallery – Utica, NY   

Group Exhibit: Sculpture Space JVB Gallery    2015  

Sculpture Space, Utica, NY   

Exhibition: Drillshaft Paddywhack 2014  with Jenna North at The Other Side - Utica, NY    

DLU: Wasser Schopfen/OSS Exhibit, Zagreb, Croatia 2013   

Rundgang Fall, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany 2013   

Rundgang Winter, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany 2013   

Faculty Exhibition, Jersey City Arts School 2012   

Artist in Residence, OSS: Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany   May-August 2012   

Sculpture Space Utica's Utopia at the Utica Public Library  2011   

Jersey City Art School Faculty, Figure Sculpture Course   2011   

Sculpture Space Utica’s Utopia  2010 Islip Museum of Art - Islip, NY Sculpture Space: Verve Art Fair – New York, NY    2010   

Utica Citywide Studio Tour   2007 – 2009   

Large Drawing/ Small Sculpture  2009 Oneonta Gallery, NY    

Studio Tour for Auspicious Vision 2008 Edward Root Exhibition: MWPAI – Utica, NY   

Photo exhibition: Bosnia­Herzegovina & Croatia  2007 Mohawk Valley Community College   Commissioned Work: Giving 2006 – 2009 The Godbey Family Trust for Our Savior Lutheran  Church – Utica, NY   Group Exhibition: Art Farm – MVCC Theater 2005 – 2006   Solo Exhibition – Form: Christi Harrington  2005 The Resonance Center – Utica, NY Curator/Judge: Regional Art Exhibition  2005 Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts – Little Falls, NY   

Group Exhibition: Summer Institute Show 2005 

MVCC Small Works Gallery    

Illustrator: Dissection Lab Manual 2005 MVCC Life Science Department   

Group Exhibition: Art in the Heart of the City 2004 -2011 Ithaca, NY   

Sculptor: Commission for Tom Shannon 2004 

Featured in Architectural Digest   Instructor: Fine Arts Italy Study Program 2004   

Group Exhibition: Figure Animea, Figure Morte 2004 

SUNYIT Gannett Gallery – Marcy, NY   Group Exhibition: A Sense of Form 2004 

MVCC Small Works Gallery   Co-Curator and Contributor: Faculty Exhibition 2002 – 2006   

Group Exhibition: Annual MVCC Faculty 2002 - Present   

Curator: The History of Love Exhibition 2002   

Curator: MVCC Student Show 2001 – Present   

Group Exhibition: Aspects of Women 2001 

Central New York Community Arts Council   

Group Exhibition: Kirkland Art Center – Kirkland, NY 2001   

Solo Public Commission: Song of Innocence 2001 The City of Ithaca, NY Set Designer: The Player’s of Utica – The Inspector Calls 2001   

Group Exhibition: NYAA Convergence Exhibition 2001   

Curator: MVCC Women’s History Month Exhibition 2001   

Cover Art: MVCC Spring Mailing 2000   Drawing Workshop: Utica Art Association 2000   

Group Exhibition: ArtAdvicate.com Gallery 1999 & 2000   

Group Exhibition: Hoboken Studio 1999   Sculpture Eve featured in film Road to Arabesque 1999   

Group Exhibition: Tristan and America  1999   

Group Exhibition: National Sculpture Society 1996   

Group Exhibition: Ann Arbor Art Fair 1996     


Sabbatical: The ARTchives Project Fall 2008 

Video Podcasts - International and Regional Artists   

Henry DiSpirito Sculpture Award 2001 – 2003 Utica College – Utica, NY   

Tri-County Art Show: Masters Division Award 2000 & 2001 

SUNYIT Gannett Gallery – Marcy, NY 

New York Academy of Art Sculpture Scholarship 1998 & 1999 New York,NY

Leslie E. Posey Grant – New York, NY 1999  

Community Activity and Involvement   

Member: Sculpture Space Board 2013 – Present   

Founding Member: Upstate Flux Arts Collective 2013 – 2014 Utica, NY Member: Creative Grove Artists Market Board 2011-2012 Jersey City, NJ Artistic Director: Creative Grove Artist Market 2011 Jersey City, NJ   

Arts Collaboration with Vision Lab 2009­2011 Rutgers University-Newark,NJ

DEC Grant Panel 2010 – 2012 Central New York Community Arts Council Member: Sculpture Space CHAIRity Auction Committee 2006 – Present
Member: Sculpture Space Mardi Gras Committee 2006 – Present Panelist: NYS Decentralization Grant 2006 – 2008 Central New York Community Arts Council and 2002 – 2004   American Cancer Society Fundraiser  2005 – 2007 The Concert Series for Life   American Red Cross Fundraiser   2005 The Katrina Relief Concert    Participant: MS Walk/Run – Utica, NY Spring 2004   Participant: American’s Heart Run/Walk Utica, NY Winter 2002 & Winter 2001   Participant: Rescue Mission’s Annual Fundraiser – Utica, NY  Fall 2001   Participant: Take Back the Night Rally – Oneida County  Spring 2001 & Fall 2000   Member: Utica Art Association – Utica, NY 2001 – 2008  

College Citizenship 

Recruiter for Holland Patent and Rome Free Academy  2016   Participant in SUNY-wide project “Creatively Exploring” 2015   Artist Liaison: MVCC/Sculpture Space 2004 - 2011   Representative – MVCC: Fine Arts Panel 2004 Oneida-Madison BOCES Conference   Representative: College Senate – Art Department 2003 – 2005 Mohawk Valley Community College   Representative: MVCC Art Department 2003 Chenango Forks College Night   Faculty Advisor & Founder: Fine Arts Club 2002 – Present   Coordinator: Fine Arts Program 2001 – 2005  Faculty Curator: MVCC Student Work 2002 – 2004 SUNY Exhibition – Albany Organizer: NYC Museum & Galleries – Student Trip 2001 – 2004   Faculty Advisor: Maker Club 2015 – Present

Committee Work 

MSCHE Standards work Group 2016 – Present   Member: Undergraduate Research Design Team Spring 2014   Chair: Summer Institute Planning Committee Spring 2005   Member & Guest Artist Liaison: Cultural Committee 2004 – 2012   Member: High School Recruitment and College 2003 – Present  Night Committee   Member: Search Committee – Painting Instructor Spring 2003 5/12   Co-Chair: Course Proposal and Revisions Sub-Committee 2003   Member: Gallery Committee 2002 – Present   Member: Women’s History Month Committee 2001 – 2008 Member: Committee for Articulation Agreement 2001 – 2002  with Utica College   Chair: Search Committee – Drawing Instructor Spring 2001   

Custom Portraiture

My services are available for hire, custom portraiture can be done from photographs with limited live sittings in life size, half life, and colossal. Contact me @ christiharrington0@gmail.com

Adult Classes and Private Lessons

Sculpture classes are held at PRATT MWPAI each term for adults. Saturday afternoons from 12:30-3:30pm.  Private lessons available upon request via my studio at the KAC.


What classes do you offer?


  FA 108: 3­Dimensional Design (Developed Curriculum) Incorporated critical thinking and skill based techniques into the examination of design principles. Explored a variety of media including; plaster, oil clay, polyurethane rubber, resin, aluminum wire and cardboard. Executed multiple castings, scale model­making from plan and elevation schematics, mold­making, truncation of block form, carving, linear and planar sculpture, armature construction and bas­relief.    FA 113: Figure Sculpture (Developed Curriculum) Introduction to the lost wax process of sculpture, mold­making and armature building. Exploration of anatomy and proportion through the human figure; the geometric anatomical form sense, architectonic construction of form, water clay techniques, enlargement and reduction, art making and plaster or resin casting.    FA 201: Figure Sculpture Two (Developed Curriculum) Advanced sculpture techniques including the construction of large scale armature building, multi piece mold, advanced anatomy and form construction, reclining/seated figures, art making and critical thinking- introduction to a variety of cast materials. FA201 Figure Sculpture 2 P-6 Cr-3 This course further advances the study of sculpture through the figure, using a variety of traditional and modern techniques. Topics include the elements of scale, anatomy, proportion, gesture, and content as they combine to give form and meaning. These principles are fundamental to advancement in sculpture, drawing, and painting. This course provides instruction in advanced armature building, reclining and seated figure studies, and multipiece and multi-material mold-making.       FA 216: Sculpture/Metal Welding and Stone Carving (Developed Curriculum) Introduction to welding and safety techniques for oxy­acetylene, T.I.G. and M.I.G. welding, blacksmithing and a variety of metal smith equipment such as plasma cutting, grinding, bending, shear and brazing; Exploration of volumetric, planar, kinetic, bio­morphic, and modular sculpture composition.    ED 100: College Seminar Introduction to general college procedures, campus resources, department and program goals, time management, study skills, student responsibilities and collaborative skills; Exploration of campus and community art experiences.    FA 101: General Drawing (Developed Curriculum) Introduction to conceptual and perceptual concepts of form and light, composition, various media and three­dimensional drawing skills from still­life. Perspective in one, two and three point methods and technical drawing skills utilizing projection, plan and elevation. Techniques for sculpture cast drawing and old master copies.    FA 103: Figure Drawing One (Developed Curriculum) Introduction to drawing the human figure from the live model. Conceptual techniques including proportion and structure are utilized in conjunction with perceptual techniques. Studio work is supplemented by lectures and critiques. Students learn to work general to specific and use sighting, horizontal and vertical measurement to compose the figure.    FA 104: Figure Drawing Two (Developed Curriculum) Advanced figure drawing techniques including various mediums. Special attention to the study of anatomy through lectures and cadaver specimens. Drawing issues that are addressed including; the foreshortened figure, the figure in space, multiple figure composition, extended poses and large format drawings.    FA 216: Intermediate Drawing (Developed Curriculum) Advanced drawing course designed to create portfolio quality drawings for transfer. Cast drawing, advanced perspective, various media, slide preparation, application procedures, large format and creation of drawing series/ body of work.    FA 105: 2­Dimensional Design (Developed Curriculum) Incorporated critical thinking and skill based techniques into the examination of the design principles; explored a variety of media, critiques, with special emphasis on the concepts of craftsmanship and work ethic. Prepares students for color theory by providing an introduction to mixing paint, color matching and color wheels. Collaborative projects and art making exercises are also explored.   FA 230 Jewelry Design FA230 Jewelry Making P-6 Cr-3 This course introduces the techniques and materials used in jewelry making. Five specific projects involving forging, filing, sawing, lost wax casing, and basic stone setting develop appreciation of the three-dimensional aspects of jewelry design and fabrication. Prerequisite:   FA220 Ceramic Sculpture FA220 Ceramics: Ceramic Sculpture & Design P-6 Cr-3 This course is an exploration of space, mass, volume, and surface, using clay as a medium and employing various firing techniques. It pursues development of expressive ideas through the use of formal elements. Slide lectures connect these concepts to historical and contemporary ceramic form making.    FA 300 Independent Study FA300 Independent Study in Fine Arts    BM290 Business Internship C-1 P-6 Cr-3 This internship provides realistic training in a student-chosen field of study. It requires 12 hours of work per week in a supervised environment and helps to prepare for entrance into a competitive work environment. It creates a bond among students, the College, and the business community, and may lead to employment opportunities. A work experience journal is required along with a supervisor evaluation.  

Figure Sculpture: The Foot

Anatomical foot sculpted in oil clay.  How to divided the toes is described and definition of metatarsals. 

Figure Sculpture: Hand

Figure Sculpture: The Head

Proportions of the head.

Figure Sculpture: The Head Detail

Proportions of the head 

One and Two Point Perspective Cubes

Introduction to one and two point perspective and how to create cubes in both modes.